8 Useful Storage Tips When You’re Hiring A Storage Unit

With thousands of storage units for rent, it won’t be difficult to find one which is suitable for you. But before you start using your storage unit, there are a few tips regarding the proper ways to prepare and pack our items for storage that you may find useful.

  1. Storage restrictions

Make sure you are familiar with which items you are allowed to storage inside the unit. A storage facility usually has rules and regulations and a list of restricted items that are not allowed to be stored i.e., fireworks, narcotics, propane tanks, medicines, perishable food etc.

  1. Personal items

Make a list of the items you would like to put into storage. The more things you need to store, the bigger sized unit you’ll need and the more it will cost you. If items are not valuable, useful or sentimental rather sell or donate them instead.

  1. Inventory list

Before you start packing your belongings, make sure you create an inventory list of the items you’re planning to store. It can be highly beneficial to keep a copy for yourself and leave another copy in the storage unit.

  1. Using clear plastic bins

By making use of airtight, clear plastic bins instead of boxes, it will make it a lot easier to find items that you’re looking for and you won’t have to rummage through boxes to find a book or miscellaneous item.

  1. Labeling boxes

If you are using cardboard boxes, make sure they are suitable for long-term storage. Make sure you carefully label each carton with a list of specific items. For instance, instead of just labeling the box “kitchen items,” rather label it “utensils, pots, and pans”.  Many storage specialists also offer convenient packaging solutions. It may be advantageous to inquire about the full range of service the service provider offers beforehand.

  1. Cleaning your belongings

Make sure you clean all the items before you place them into storage. Make sure you wipe down all surfaces with an all-purpose cleaning spray, vacuum chair cushions, and couches and wiping appliances with disinfectant wipes. This will avoid items from having a moldy scent when you retrieve them from storage at a later stage.

  1. Safeguarding items against outside elements

It is highly recommended to rent a unit which is climate controlled, but if it is not, you’ll need to take preventative steps to protect your belongings from damage.

  • Make sure all the items are dry
  • Apply protective spray on leather goods and furniture
  • Seal all boxes to prevent moisture from coming in
  • Store electronics and cords in plastic bags for protection against moisture
  • Clothing must be packed in wardrobe boxes or inside hanging garment bags
  • Store mattresses in mattress storage bags
  • Furniture must be covered with cotton sheets for protection against insects and bad weather.
  1. Placing items in the unit

Always disassemble large items such as beds or dining tables to better protect them from wear and tear and to save space. If you’re storing washers, fridges or dishwashers, leave the appliance doors slightly ajar to prevent mildew or moisture buildup. When placing items in storage, try storing them in a vertical position to save space. Heavy and large items must be placed on the bottom, and things like seasonal clothing need to be placed where it’s easily accessible.

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