Auto Insurance Requirements As Per South Carolina State Law

The South Carolina state law necessitates every driver to have a minimum amount of auto insurance. Failure to have insurance may result in significant penalties such as monetary fines. With South Carolina’s tort system if you’re to be found guilty of causing a car accident, it is possible that you’ll be sued for actual damages (any expenses related to medical fees and property damage), economic losses (earning capability and wages) as well as physical and emotional pain and suffering associated with the accident.

  • Minimum auto insurance requisite for South Carolina drivers:
  • Twenty-five thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars for bodily harm.
  • Twenty-five thousand dollars for damage liability.
  • Twenty-five thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars for uninsured motorist physical injuries.
  • Twenty-five thousand dollars with two-hundred dollars deductible uninsured driver property damages.

It is not required in South Carolina to have extra coverage like collision, personal injury protection, and comprehensive coverage. However, if you own valuable assets or property, having supplementing coverage to the minimum requirements can help protect you from monetary loss.

Penalties For Not Having The Required Minimum Insurance

All vehicle owners are required by law to have proof on Myrtle Beach auto Insurance and to keep it in your car in case a law enforcement officer requests to see it.  Penalties for driving without insurance can result in the suspension of your driver’s license as well as a fine. You can be fined $5 per day for every day that your vehicle remains uninsured up to a maximum amount of $200.

Car Insurance Premiums For South Carolina

Your insurance premium and discounts can be determined based on the following factors:

  • The type of vehicle you require insurance for.
  • Preceding auto insurance cover.
  • How regularly you drive.
  • Your driving records.
  • Your age.
  • Your gender.
  • Marital status.
  • Whether you are using your car for business.
  • How long you have been driving.
  • Geographical location.
  • In some cases, your credit history.

How To Get The Most Economical Car Insurance Policy?

You can reduce your insurance premiums by doing the following:

  • Ask your insurer about discounts offered for anti-theft devices, good driving habits, multiple cars on a single policy, combining your auto insurance with homeowner’s or renter’s policy, online or automatic payments and driving an electric or hybrid vehicle.
  • Comparing quotes from different providers.
  • Eliminating pointless coverage.
  • Checking if you meet the requirements for any low-cost auto insurance programs offered by the state.

The laws associated with driving and auto insurance are ever-changing. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to stay up to date with legal requirements in South Carolina. These laws have recently been enacted in South Carolina and may influence your insurance coverage selection.

  • There are no laws against using cell phones or handheld communication devices or distracted driving, effective since February 2014.
  • An annual driver suspension eligibility week is held in March which allows drivers who have previously lost their driving privileges for particular reasons to clear or reduce the remaining time of the suspension.
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