5 Useful Considerations To Think About When Shopping For A Dash Cam

Dash cams are excellent devices for capturing the crazy adventures we undertake when road tripping. They can also be a fun way of making memories with your friends. Before buying one, let’s take a look at what you need to consider first.

How Legal Are They?

Many people are under the impression that specific legal issues are surrounding the use of a dashcam. However, in most places, they are absolutely legal to use. Some police forces even encourage their use since they offer valuable witness evidence during criminal cases. Insurance companies are also supporters, permitting owners to issue evidence in court to favor their claims. Be careful, however, since video can’t be manipulated or edited in any form since it will no longer be viewed as evidence. If your cam has a microphone, you must get permission from passengers to record them. Alternatively, the microphone can be switched off when you have a passenger in the vehicle.

Obtaining Video Files

Many cameras nowadays are equipped with expandable memory card slots, which is an excellent way of transferring video recordings from the dashcam to the PC. Just make sure the memory card is Class 10 or higher. For even better ease of use, you can purchase a camera with built-in Wi-Fi. Such cameras permit you to access them directly when using a local network, offering immediate access to any of your recorded videos.  Wired Smart has a good page on dash cams, so be sure to check it out.

Consider Going Cord-Free

There are explicit advantages to dash cams that don’t necessitate running a lengthy cable to power. Battery-powered cameras can be taken away and used in a recording situation outside your vehicle. You will have to charge the batteries, though. Being on top of recharging, the dashcam help avoids situations where recordings are missed because of a dead battery. Be vigilant about not leaving your dashcam in the heat since it can lead to battery damage and be at risk of rupturing.

The Screen Sizes

Where some individuals who own dash cams may encounter legal issues is under the new distracted driving laws. While there are no specific laws surrounding dash cams, some models with large screens can fall into the category of distracted driving laws. Make sure you check your province or state laws with regards to screen limitations. The display screen is excellent for viewing recordings live, and they offer a graphical control interface for the cam. Some of these models come with unique features and large screens to provide you with the best videos to capture those special memories.


While most people opt for using their smartphones instead of a handheld GPS, some dash cams come with full GPS navigation units, which can only make your life a lot more comfortable when on the road. No devices are cluttering your windshield anymore. Some units like the Garmin GPS devices are equipped with a five-inch GPS unit with a built-in dashcam, giving you the perfect all-in-one resolution for eliminating device clutter.

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