Helpful Tips On Finding A Reliable Scrap Metal Company That Pays Good Money

Whether you have renovated your home or are computer business owner that sells goods containing metal parts or just someone that has a lot of scrap metal lying around, sooner or later you will consider using the services of a reliable and well-established scrap metal company that pays top dollars for scrap metal.

But first, you need to know about a few issues to take into account when it comes to selling scrap metals for recycling purposes:

  1. The Value And Demand Of Metals

Some minerals are more valuable than others, for instance, Non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium and copper are worth a lot more than your ferrous metals (metal containing iron). The higher in demand a metal is, the more value it will have.

Copper – one of the most sought-after and common metals found around your home or business. Copper is found in electrical appliances and plumbing pipes, so if you’ve recently had renovations or old appliances lying around, then you can turn in and get paid a good price.

Aluminium – apart from soda cans, it is also found in old electronic devices, i.e. gaming consoles, car parts or computers.

  1. Your Location

If your location is nearby, then the transportation costs will be less for retrieving the material on site. An industrial area has a much higher demand for scrap as opposed to a residential area which makes an industrial client a more valuable asset.

  1. The Market Price Of Metals

When the market price for a particular scrap metal increases, then the scrap metal price will increase as well. The demand for certain metals will affect the market price.

Now that you know what valuable tips to consider when selling scrap metal, it is essential to look at a few tips on finding a company that will benefit your pocket the most. QB Recycling offer  top cash for scrap metal in Perth.

A few helpful tips when you are looking for a reliable scrap metal recycling company are:

  1. Expertise And Knowledge

A Company that has the relevant experience and extensive experience when it comes to the range of recycling needs, including household and commercial clients.

  1. Eco-Friendliness

Preferable a Company that cares about our planet and recycle non-ferrous and ferrous metals in an environmentally friendly manner.

  1. Know The Market Value Prices

It is of utmost importance to deal with a Company that stays up to date with the current rates of scrap metals and offer fair prices to their clients.

  1. Offers A Collecting Service

Another great benefit to consider is a scrap metal company that include scrap metal pickup services that collect the scrap from your location on a regular basis.

  1. Provides Scrap Metal Bins

No-one enjoys unsightly heaps of scrap lying around and that poses the risk of injury. Scrap metal recycling companies often provide you with a scrap metal bins on hire which makes it super convenient to collect and/or store your scrap metal safely and without any hassle.


When you are looking for a reliable scrap metal company that pays good money for scrap metals, it is highly beneficial to keep these tips in mind to find the right company to provide you with the best rates, free scrap metal removals and all-in-all good client service.

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