A Helpful Guide When You Are Looking To Hire A Skip Bin

Why Do I Need To Hire A Skip Bin?

Hiring a skip bin is an excellent way of getting rid of unwanted waste plus it’s one of the most cost-effective options for waste disposal.

The cost of hiring a skip bin will depend on the volume and the type of rubbish you need to be removed.

The prices will vary, starting from about $130 up to $380, depending on the size you’ll be making use of.

The bin sizes range from two cubic metres until nine cubic metres, and the bigger ones are fitted with rear access doors to ensure easy loading and offloading.

The client can choose whether they would like to hire a skip bin short-term or long-term.

hiring Skip Bins

Sizes Of Skip Bins For Hire

2M3 Skip Bin

This skip bin is ideal for any small jobs or renovations in and around the house.  For example, small jobs such as spring cleaning the cupboards or cleaning out the garage or shed. Small renovations jobs like the bathroom or small kitchens.

3M3 Skip Bin

This skip bin is perfect for any small to medium size jobs for example garden jobs like cutting down small trees, laying a new lawn or digging out your garden. This bin is slightly bigger than the 2M3 bin and can easily fit in most driveways and can accommodate a large amount of mixed or green waste.

If you are unsure about the size you are going to need when you want to hire a skip bin, you can get in contact with a reliable skip bin hire Company to give you helpful advice and assistance.

4M3 Skip Bin

A 4M3 skip bin can be used for all your medium sized jobs and is a good all-rounder. This bin is ideal for mixed or general waste. The size is great for landscaper’s to accommodate all the waste that was pulled up from the original garden or backyard or even home renovations such as a kitchen renovation. This bin is still the right size to fit in most driveways.

Make Sure You Hire The Correct Sized Skip Bin

6M3 Skip Bin

This bin is suitable for medium to large sized jobs and is usually required for plumbing, building or big renovation jobs.

The 6M3 bin can accommodate large cleanup jobs such as big shed cleanups, deceased estates or removing large tree branches without having to cut them up first.

9M3 Skip Bin

This bin is ideal for large commercial or residential projects. These bins are perfect for home renovations, building sites or kitchen and bathroom make-overs. Fencing companies can get rid of their materials without having to cut them up.

Make Sure You Hire The Correct Sized Skip Bin

It is very important that you are certain of the right size when hiring a container for the required job. A skip bin must not be filled above the rim, as they have a maximum height fill point and it is illegal to transport overfilled skips.

In the event of an overfilled skip, the client will be given the option to hire an additional skip bin or to remove the excess material.

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