Tips For Hiring Quality Movers

With several people moving all year round in the United States, using quality movers such as bellevue movers will make the moving to be smooth. When you hire quality movers, everything will tend to go smoothly.

But even with so many quality movers around, shoddy or scams do happen and thus, it is in your best interest that the Bellevue movers have come up with some of the tips which should enable you to get the right team for your move.

  • Moving Inventory: If the company is reputable, it will ensure that it takes an inventory of all that you own and determine the weight and bulk of your move. The estimator will definitely be thorough and check all your storage places such as drawers, cupboards, bookcases, and garages. The mover’s price will largely depend on how weighty your stuff is and space which your goods will take up in the moving truck. You will need to fully understand this estimate and ensure that it is as accurate as possible.
  • Get A Thorough Walkthrough: If you get an estimator who is quick to walk through without having to note down your plan for moving is the wrong one for you. For one to qualify to be a good estimator, they need to ask you questions concerning your plan about what to take from where you currently stay to your new place. Thus, you will need to be sure you are prepared to tell them what you don’t want to move with, what you plan to give away, donate to the nearest charity, get it sold in a yard sale, or just leave behind for the person who will take over the place to use.
  • Don’t Pay A High Deposit: When you are dealing with a reputable mover, they won’t demand cash or a large amount of deposits before doing the job. You will only pay upon delivery of the service. In case you pay in advance, you will lack control of how long it will take for you to see your items again. You will have to use a credit card when making the payment as it will help protect you against any fraudulent activity.
  • Avoid Companies Which Have Name Switch: There are companies which avoid assessment by the business bureau and thus, do business using various names. You have to ensure that, the company you are using has a local address and information regarding insurance and licensing. The employees need to be able to answer phone calls using the full name of the business.

You will have to find out if the company uses other names to do business with and also their federal and state license numbers. Do an online search to make sure that there are no serious complaints about the company from previous customers

  • Get Reference On Movers: If your family or friends don’t have references in regard to moving companies, you can ask whatever mover you contact to give you a reference of a customer who used their services. Get at least 3 references from your area who have used the company in the past 3 months.
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