5 Tips On Selecting The Best Dash Camera For Your Car

When you are looking for the best dashboard camera to buy, here are some useful tips on what you must be looking for to select the right one for you.

Choosing The Right Brand

To find the best brands, simply search on Google for the top dashcam brand and start comparing the available brands. Also, check out customer reviews on products and read blog posts and articles to give you clues on the best ones available for purchase.

Selecting The Right Features

Great brands set themselves apart from competitors because of their fantastic features. The best dashcams have the following features:

  • Auto Stop And Start – The camera starts rolling once the engine is turned on and shuts down when the ignition is turned off.
  • Exceeding 32GB Memory – Dashcams with less than 32GB storage offers less than two hours of recording.
  • Recording Angle – The broader the recording angle, the more enhanced the camera is. Look for a camera that has a recording angle that exceeds 150 degrees.
  • Display – It is better to buy a dashcam that has a 3” display as opposed to one with no display.
  • Discreetness – Dashcams are available in various sizes. You get excellent small hidden cameras that have many amazing features.
  • Video Resolution – This is a paramount feature. Many cheap brands claim they offer Full HD; however, the quality of the recordings is inferior and doesn’t offer much info like license plates, for instance. You can visit this URL for more info on the best brands.
  • Night video Quality – The capability of taking good quality video footage during the night is what is separating a great camera model from an average one.
  • Loop Recording – To ensure the camera doesn’t stop recording once it ran out of disc space on the memory card, it must have this feature. This means when the storage is full, your camera will automatically overwrite the oldest files on the SD card to ensure continues recording.
  • G-Sensor – Sudden braking or an impact triggers this feature. It tells the camera to mark the present footage for safekeeping. Loop recording will also not record over this footage.
  • Parking Mode – If someone damages the car in your absence, the camera with parking mode capability will turn on and start recording.
  • Time and Date Stamp – The is highly useful when you are using the footage as evidence.
  • Screen – Some models will display the back and front, while others only display front view.
  • GPS – Permits you to record your precise speed and position, and to blend into the video feed along with the time and date stamp.
  • Dual-Channel – Most cameras record only one view, but a dual-channel dash camera can also record from the back.

Build Quality

This is of vital importance since you travel on various types of road surfaces. Heat resistance is essential when you’re choosing a dashcam.


While some dashcams can easily blend into their surroundings without anyone noticing them, others are bulky and large. Drivers generally prefer discreet dashboard cameras, which are easily mountable.


You must select a camera that gives you great value for the price. Don’t just focus on the price but choose one that has the features you desire.

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